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No longer Treglor the best fighter in the world, my character is Rajal, a monk weretiger. The rest of our party has problems too. My problem is definitely the most beneficial. I get lots of strength bonuses in hybrid and tiger form. Tigers are pretty. I'm pretty. Does anyone else see why this is the perfect ailment?

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Mary who doesn't have ADD [userpic]

I figured I would post something in here.

We started a new campaign and my new character is defiantly a trip.

Human Bard
Believes that he is a woman.
I would like to think that he makes a pretty women at least with a Charisma of 18 at level 5.

So far our entire party is made of crazies, more stories soon to come.

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As me, and the majority of the people on the livejournal, were on a boat, killing communist soldiers and stuff, our minotaur inspired frenzy in me. It increased my attack bonus by a lot, as well as my damage bonus, enabling me to power attack to my hearts content. What I didn't realize was that two handed weapons (such as my souped up, blinged out greatsword with fire, electricity, and ice swirling around it) get two damage points per 1 attack bonus point given. So, after our druid fire stormed almost all the enemies, I killed a monk and cleaved. And great cleaved. And great cleaved...and so on until I had killed a total of six people in one round. They tried to surrender, but unfortunately, the rogue and I failed our 'stop frenzy' will saves and continued the assault. I killed something else and passed my will save. I have a story for the ages!!! If only the crowd around me had been bigger...that's right. I cleaved until I couldn't anymore. There was no one around me, and I caused the enemy to try and surrender. Alas, the downside to frenzy (besides fatigue). STILL AWEXOME!

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Sara the Geek [userpic]

Name: Sara (aka TBP [The Bass Player])

Location: BC, Canada

How long you have been playing: Only a couple months and I'm addicted. Huzzah for obsessive-compulsive disorder. I was always super nerdy and my boyfriend introduced me to it shortly after we began dating. I carry my (good) d20 in my pocket all the time.

About your current character: 2nd lvl Gnome Bard, known as Peregrin Beren or "Face" as she is nicknamed. She plays cello (masterwork, of course), and I would have made it a bass but really, she's only 3 feet tall, so it wouldn't have worked out. I absolutely love this character although I am thinking about creating another one, unless I decide to slap a prestige class on this one.

Excited to be here! I absolutely love D&D. XD

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So, I was bored... and thinking about how FAWESOME Toghan will be once I become an Dragon Apotheosis, get an extra pair of arms, and grow Triceratop horns. I still need to find a way to get a tail, but thats later...

Mary who doesn't have ADD [userpic]

More funny scenes: (Most of which involve Roo, the Rogue)

1) We rescued this little boy from a cave in one of our first quests and as we were coming back we ran into a random encounter. At the time we are only taking out about 5 or 6 damage a pop so we demanded that Jimmy (The little boy" should get an attack as well. Our DM was like, sure whatever, he can throw rocks. In the end of the fight Jimmy ended up doing more damage then a few of our PCs and we tried to get him to stay in our party but our DM refused.

2) We were getting ready to fight this big monster in this arena and we had a round or two where we could prepare ourselves before it came out. While the rest of us were summoning things and casting spells on ourselves, Roo hid in a pile of snow and missed the entire fight.

3)There was this plot line that we had involving this Ithlid island, (Read 1010's post a few down from this one to find out more about this), and while the rest of us went in to look around, Roo decided he was scared so he stayed with my two animals at the boat. The whole island blows up and we get sent to another plane unfortunately Roo is now separated from us with a rhino and a drake and has no clue where the fuck we are.

4)I had been bothering my DM to give me an animal that I could charm since I never get to use the spell so finally he gives us this Lizard and I charm it so that it follows us round the desert. Our next random encounter was with this Salamander but before we roll initiatives I announced: "I use my love potion on the Lizard". Everyone in the room just stared at me for a moment and my DM was just like, "Um....what?" Eventually I talk him into rolling it up to see if it works. Unfortunately the Salamander wasn't all that cool with being humped by a lizard and we had to kill it instead.

5) Our Monk has been eaten by at least three different things, every time he pummels his way out.

6) Our Monk also fails nearly every will save. We celebrate every time he passes one.

7) We go to this island of mutants who had a totem pole leader. The only thing special about it was that it caused rage in the person if they failed the will save (Which the monk did as well as my animal companion wolf) The wold and Togo (monk) start to beat the crap out of the wooden totem pole which caused a fury among the mutants and we ended up killing them all.

8)We were visiting this Sorcerer guy that happened to be related to two of our party members when Roo decides to go 'find the bathroom'. The Sorcerer guy doesn't fully allow Roo to scout as much as he would like so Roo gets peeved off and decides to pee on the guys floor. A cup magically appears and catches Roo's piss and then goes to empty it on Roo's head. Roo makes a save to avoid being splashed with his own piss and learns his lesson, for the time being.

9)Roo: Slight of hand check on Ethan. (NPC Fighter that is Cass's brother)
Cass: *out of character* WHAT?
Roo:*out of character* Well you never told me I couldn't.... (In regards to a conversation their charchters had where she said he couldn't steal from anyone in teh party).
*proceeds to get caught and is carried around by his feet.

I will post some more stories at another time. Obviously Roo is our most out there character.

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Cinnamon_Digory [userpic]

Name: Katrina/Cinnamon
Location: Kingston/Waterloo
How long you have been playing: starting in the fall
About your current character:
my character sheetCollapse )

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The Vampire Lynx [userpic]

This isn't really a long entry just an entry to put the pics of our D&D characters up that I drew for us all cause visuals are fun!!! ^_^

*Rai is the schmexiest!!!*

And this is a colored pic of what I think Cassandra looks like.

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Mary who doesn't have ADD [userpic]

Ok, so this is my favourite storyline that we have done yet, mostly just because we had so much fun thinking up these radical plans and somehow they never turned out exactly as we would have liked. Parts of this is iffy because my attention span is like a maggot so I would stop listening at points. Plus it went over about a two-to three week span (We play once a week) so details naturally get forgotten. Also, this is pretty long so it may take a bit of time to read. Lastly, I tell stories horibly, so my fellow players may have to edit certain parts.
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Name: Jeffrey

Location: VA, US

How Long I've been playing: Off and on since my childhood, most recently the past half a year

DMing a Campaign: I manage a campaign in a pretty standard D&D world. There's varieties of climates, with cities of corresponding cutures and ethnicities. There's your politicial problems, your NPC actions, your travel-based encounters. I refuse to use D&D campaign packages that generate a dungeon and a plotline, but try to do the best with my own imagination. I try to make clever condundrums, and riviting plot twists, but am pleasantly surprised that my players will either solve their problems by easily unraveling the traps I set, or blazing their own way in a manner wholly unforseen by me. I've DMed before so I'm familiar with a lot of tricks and rules, however I am still in a state of learning. We've had a very fun and interesting experience, and the work required to DM is more then offset by the entertainment the game brings.

An interesting moment in your campaign: Well as our group is starting this medley you'll hear a lot of stories, but one that makes my DM skills shine, and was liked by my players was the Ithlid plotline. Ancient legend holds that there was an island of Ithlids (Mind Flayers) called Ithlidia (original name, I know) who followed a strict religious order guided by the divinations unveiled by a very complex machine that they had built (some call it random, they call it the will of God). One day it had predicted that on a certain date "All beings with Ithlid blood will never be seen alive again". The Ithlids and Half-ithlids were dismayed, and split in two factions of response. The pure Ithlids believed that the day was judgement day, and they should wait for the end in devotion, while the Half-Ithlids believed it was up to them to eradicate all the Ithlids at that time. Whether by fate of God or Ithlid hand, one thing is known, that the island blew up at the predescribed time, and artificers had been looking for lost relics sunken in the sea ever since.
Present day, are characters come by, and choose an artifact as their reward for a quest (which they got as a reward for saving the town Raulknorf from Giants of Morj-Gar-Hum, but had to activate with a rare plant in the Trolland Jungle called AquaFruit), called the Ancient Eye, making the choice on the suggestion that it's divination powers could provide the clue to the lost treasure of the island. They go to the island, and see Ithlidia restored in it's former glory by the image the eye generates. As they get closer to the center, the image becomes more and more real until they can interact with it, and the exact time closer and closer to the time of it's destruction. They open the center chamber where the machine is held, to witness two Ithlids, a pure one named Isenbald, and a Half-Ithlid, Half-Elf, cleric named Halburon. The two NPCs have adopted the opinions typical to their race (earlier mentioned) and Halburon starts to climb the spiral staircase to set off a chain reaction in the machine to blow up the island. The players, together with Isenbald, work to stop and kill Halburon, attacking him while he tries to heal, and then making a wall in front of him, and then finishing him off the turn he has to spend bypassing the wall instead of healing. He lies dead, but moments later, a bright light comes down from the skies, that sets off an explosion that sweeps over them and across the island. They find themselves falling onto a pile of junk in a hazy and dreamlike plane. They look around, and see a building like that of the center chamber they left, and Dromites (insect humanoids with Psychic powers) chittering at them angrily. (That dramatic and cliff-hanger momment gets compicatedly explained and resolved, but I'll leave you guessing for now)

Any other information that you feel is important: If you have questions or want tips about DMing a campaign, I'm here. I'm the DM of characters Cassandra, Anastasia, Raidon, Toghon, Sherudon, and Treglor AKA players Dominique, Mary, Lynz, Booth, Disla, and D2 (respectively).

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